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Which Scrap Car Parts Are The Most Valuable?

Scrap cars, like anything else, have certain parts that are most valuable to the car buyer and these five scrap car parts are some of the most popular. Before you take your old vehicle to the junkyard, check out this list of the top five most valuable scrap car parts you didn’t know you had so you can get the most cash for your junker.

Wheels, Tires, & Rims

Wheels, tires, and rims are typically among the most valuable car parts you can scrap. Wheels are often in demand because they come in various sizes. Tires and rims also change depending on the vehicle so these two items are in demand as well. Many junk yards offer cash for junk cars that include tires, wheels, and rims. Keep your old vehicles around if they have usable tires, wheels, or rims to help them stay out of a landfill.


If you are the owner of a scrap car, then you need to know that the transmission or gearbox might be the most valuable. The worth of this part will depend on how many miles your vehicle has and what make and model it is. If your vehicle was worth $2,000 before the scrap yard took it apart for its parts, then chances are that its transmission alone was worth about $1,600.The gearbox can sell for as much as $3,500 if it is in good condition.


Bumpers are the most valuable scrap car parts you can have. The bumpers are worth as much as $500, depending on how it looks and how damaged it is. They are made from stainless steel, so they do not rust easily. A well-maintained bumper will always be more valuable than a rusty one because of this fact. If your bumpers have no scratches or other damage, you should expect to get around $300 for them. It is difficult to find someone willing to purchase used bumpers for that price, however. All things considered, if you cannot sell your bumper, consider selling it for scrap metal instead. You may be able to get at least $50 for it that way.


Glass windscreens are the most expensive, with a retail price of around $150. Replacing the windscreen on your car is also one of the most complicated tasks and will require significant mechanical experience. If you want to break down your scrap cars then it’s best to dismantle them in a controlled environment such as a chop shop or an auto yard, or in an area that is isolated from homes and populated areas.


In modern vehicles, batteries are used to power the electrical system and crank the engine. They are usually very heavy. When you change your battery, it’s a good idea to keep the old one in case you need it again in the future which is more likely if you are in an area that has regular power outages. If you’re not going to use the old battery right away, store it at room temperature in a dry place.


If you’re thinking about parting ways with your scrap car, don’t throw away any of the parts. Be sure to do some research and find out which ones are worth the most before selling them off. There’s a good chance that they’ll fetch you more than just a few bucks at a junkyard.

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