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What Is a Ball Joint on a Car?

When it comes to junk cars in Edmonton, it is important to understand the actual components that make up a vehicle. This is important for those looking to get rid of their vehicles so they understand what parts are valuable, but it is also relevant for collectors, mechanics and car enthusiasts.


For these professionals and hobbyists, junk cars in Edmonton represent a great opportunity for inexpensive replacement parts. Plus, they also are a great way to test new skills, poke around old systems without worrying about damage and experiment with different repair methods. Still, for those looking to learn more about vehicles, simply knowing the names and functions of different parts can be thrilling on its own. 


What is a Ball Joint?


What Are Joints?

Before we dive into the specifics of a ball joint, it is important to understand the function of joints generally. Typically, there are two kinds of joints: static and dynamic. Ball joints are an example of a dynamic joint, where some part of the joint moves. Static joints do not have moving parts but simply connect two pieces together, like the welds on a vehicle’s frame.


Where Are Ball Joints Located?

Now that we know what type of joint a ball joint is, the next step is to understand where you would find them. Ball joints are a component of the front suspension of vehicles and help to maximize the amount of time the tire is in contact with the road. The suspension does this by adjusting the height of each wheel separately, as well as ensuring they turn left or right together. 

ball bearing car suspension

What Do Ball Joints Look Like?

Ball joints on junk cars in Calgary are found in the front suspension of the vehicle and serve to optimize the wheel’s path of travel. So, what do they look like? Ball joints have two main components, which are the housing and the stud. The stud is the movable “arm” of the joint, and the housing facilitates that moving with a series of ball bearings and lubricant.


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