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What Are Shocks on a Car?

One of the best parts of working with junk cars in Edmonton is seeing all the different car parts. From catalytic converters and dashboard radios to wheels and rims, every part of a vehicle holds a little slice of treasure and information. One of these areas is the shock absorbers.


What Are Shock Absorbers?


Shock absorbers on junk cars in Edmonton are exactly what they sound like; namely, they are devices that absorb the bumps, jostles and shocks of your vehicle as it travels on the road. This provides a stable and comfortable driving experience for the car’s passengers. Plus, they can help improve the handling of a vehicle. 

Suspension System

What’s the Difference Between Shocks and Struts?


Many people ask about the difference between shock absorbers and struts because they are very near one another in most vehicles. As we stated above, shock absorbers are there to perform the single function of reducing movement in the cabin. Struts, however, are a structural component of your vehicle, and it is from them that the coil spring justs off. They are typically anchored at the top of a vehicle’s chassis and extend into the suspension system of the vehicle. 


Where to Find Shocks


The best place to find parts for junk cars in Edmonton, restorations, ol’ reliables and more is at Pick-n-Pull. With a wide selection of vehicles from all makes and models, there is always the potential of finding replacement parts for whatever ails your vehicle. This includes shocks, struts, and so much more.  


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