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Is Scrap Car Recycling Good or Bad for the Environment?

With the increasing number of scrap cars in landfills and junkyards, there has been growing concern over the environmental impact of scrap car recycling and removal. You may have recently been considering getting cash for your junk car in Calgary, but first want to know what it means to the environment if your old vehicle ends up in the scrap yard. It is important to understand both the benefits and drawbacks of scrap car recycling and removal so that you can make an informed decision when disposing of your junker.

The Benefits

Scrap car recycling is beneficial for a few reasons. First, it helps reduce the amount of material that is sent to landfills or junkyards. This not only reduces the risk of pollution caused by these sites, but it also conserves resources that would otherwise be wasted. Additionally, recycled materials from scrap cars are often used in new products, meaning that fewer raw materials need to be mined or harvested from nature. Finally, most scrap car recyclers use environmentally friendly processes to ensure that pollutants are kept out of our air and water supplies.

The Drawbacks

Despite its many benefits, there are some drawbacks associated with scrap car recycling as well. For example, some parts may still contain hazardous materials such as lead acid batteries and motor oil. If not handled properly, these materials can leach into soil or water supplies and cause serious environmental damage. Additionally, some recyclers may not follow proper disposal procedures when removing parts from a vehicle which could result in toxic chemicals entering our environment through improper disposal methods.

Other Aspects to Consider

When you are considering scrap car removal, there are several things to take into consideration. It is important to research reliable scrap car companies to ensure a seamless and environmentally friendly process. Many scrap car services in Calgary typically offer free pick-up; however, it is important to make sure that the service you select is insured, accredited, and that they take the extra steps to ensure a safe and green approach to their recycling process. Furthermore, obtaining documents like a Certificate of Destruction or scrap certificate can provide assurance that your car has been recycled properly and with minimal environmental impact. Enlisting the help of knowledgeable scrap car professionals when considering scrapping your car can help make the process go more smoothly.


Overall, scrap car recycling offers many environmental benefits while preventing pollution caused by traditional disposal methods. While there are still some risks associated with improper handling of hazardous materials, they can be minimized by following proper protocols when disposing of your old vehicle. By understanding both the pros and cons associated with scrap car recycling and removal, you can make an informed decision on how best to dispose of your old vehicle while minimizing its environmental impact – and maybe even get cash for your junk car in Calgary!

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