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How to Scrap Your Car for the Most Value

Scrapping your junk cars in Calgary can sometimes feel like a cathartic experience. Often, you have spent enough time with your vehicle to develop a bond to it, and seeing it taken away provokes feelings of longing or disappointment. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, sometimes, it is just the opposite.

Sometimes, we procrastinate on selling our junk cars in Calgary. They sit in the back of our yards, silently collecting dust and corrosion products, biding their time. Then, one day, you decide to remove them and reclaim the lost space. When this happens, you probably aren’t wracked with feelings of guilt, but more interested in a profitable exchange. 

If this describes your car scrapping philosophy, learn about the most valuable parts for your car, and how to maximize profits, below.

The Most Valuable Junk Car Parts


What are the most valuable parts of a car?

Aluminum wheels

Aluminum wheels and rims are a precious part of your vehicle. While there is still some value in other wheel materials, like steel, aluminum wheels provide the most exceptional value. 

bumpers/ fenders

Bumpers and fenders are also both quite valuable, especially if they are in mint condition. In fact, some would say that the bulk of the value of bumpers and fenders comes from their status at the time of sale. Generally, large, formed metal components carry a hefty value because of the cost of their production. 

Complete doors

An entire door unit can also be worth a fair amount of money. They have many internal components worth selling individually, which raises their value. One of the best ways to get added value from your doors is by having complete panes of glass, as people seek these pieces due to their delicacy.


Naturally, batteries are a part of the list of valuable car parts. Batteries are integral to the operation of your vehicle, and they are relatively universal. On top of that, it is easy to check if they work or not, which makes them even more valuable. 

GPS system

GPS systems add a lot of value to new cars and largely retain that value through their life cycle. Selling this piece of equipment can net you a tidy profit as will almost any electrical component in your vehicle.

Is Junking Your Car Worth It?

Overall, the parts above will be some of the most expensive parts of your vehicle, and selling an intact vehicle is a great way to net a handsome profit. Conversely, piecemeal selling of your car parts is time-consuming. Also, if you don’t have the resources or contacts to ensure you are getting an appropriate deal, you may end up selling your car parts for less than their actual value. 

Instead, consider working with a cash for junk cars program. They provide excellent service and prices for all junk cars.

Our Cash for Junk Cars program is recognizable for its simplicity and value. We purchase all vehicle makes and models, regardless of their condition, and pay top dollar to take them off your hands. Our straightforward approach means we collect your car and give you cash, totally hassle-free. If you accept our offer, we’ll confirm proof of ownership before towing it away for free. Get the best cash for junk cars service in Calgary, Edmonton or Kelowna — contact us today!

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