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How To Get Rid Of An Old Car In Calgary

There always seems to be a reason to get rid of a junk car in Calgary. Maybe it is the car for your child to learn how to drive. Or the old workhorse you’ve been using for the last 10 years that has finally had its last breath.

If you are a business, it is likely that some of the original fleet is on its last legs. Or, that it has come time to completely replace the fleet. For all the reasons that an old, junk car can be on its way out, there seems to be a substantial lack of knowledge about where to get rid of the vehicle. 

Furthermore, even if it is known that you need to scrap your car or vehicle, it can be difficult to organize it. So, check out these simple and easy steps for getting rid of your junk car in Calgary.

How to Scrap your Old Car in Calgary


1. Do Research Online

The first step for scrapping your junk car in Calgary is to go online and look for responsible and authorized businesses that offer these services. It is important that you remember not all businesses are created equal, so look for businesses that offer free quotes and towing services.

2. Request a Quote

Secondly, once you have found a reliable business for your vehicle scrapping needs, you should request a quote. Many businesses will offer quotes online so it is easy to compare prices and timelines between businesses. Just keep in mind that once you have chosen the right business for your junk car scrapping you should send them a message and confirm your intention to use their services.

3. Booking the Tow

Thirdly, once you have settled on the business that you believe will give you the best deal, the next step is to book a tow. Depending on the business, your presence may be required so book it for when you have time off, but remember, your time is valuable. This means you should only trust businesses that guarantee timeliness and excellent customer service to ensure you are not left waiting for your towing appointment.

4. Get Cash

Finally, the best part of the scrapping operation has arrived. This is the part where you are given the cash money for your vehicle and the process is complete. Feel free to celebrate with your hard-won earnings! If you believe there will be future instances of vehicle scrapping, record and store the information for the company you chose for future reference. 

Our Cash for Junk Cars program is recognizable for its simplicity and value. We purchase all vehicle makes and models, regardless of their condition, and pay top dollar to take them off your hands. Our straightforward approach means we collect your car and give you cash, totally hassle-free. If you accept our offer, we’ll confirm proof of ownership before towing it away for free. Get the best cash for junk cars service in Calgary, Edmonton or Kelowna — contact us today!

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