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The Benefits of Our Calgary Cash for Junk Cars Program

It can be a psychologically jarring thing to total a vehicle in a collision. Of course, the first priority is to ensure the preservation and wellbeing of those involved, but after the dust settles and you’re wondering about a high repair bill, you might just seek a disposal instead. It doesn’t take much damage before a totalled vehicle is just not worth the cost to fix. You might rather know where your junk car can go next.

Can You Sell Junk Cars?

The answer to this question is simple: yes, absolutely. You might be looking to sell a totalled car and get as much as you can back from it. But if you’ve got a quote from a mechanic about fixing even less-than critical damage, and the bill is too high for your liking, we’ll make an offer on it just as we would on a totalled vehicle.

Pick-n-Pull keeps the worth of the car parts in mind, and if more of the car is useable or resaleable for us, that factor will be reflected in the offer price.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you might be pleasantly surprised by the offer you get on a junk vehicle.

Cash For Junk Cars Calgary

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Our cash for cars program in Calgary simplifies the process of selling your used automobile. At cash for cars companies like Pick-n-Pull, we buy all sorts of second-hand or junk automobiles, even those totalled or inoperable.

When you’ve got a car that’s been totalled, it can offer you peace of mind that you’re getting something from the ordeal; you’ll have extra funds for your next car. And you might even find a replacement on the same lot.

The benefits of our program are designed to make the headache of having a junk car go away. The way it works chronologically, is this:

  • Get a quote: We’ll assess the damaged or totalled car and make an offer for you to consider. We give a quick price when you input your vehicle’s details, history, and active or rebuild status online or by phone.
  • Confirm the sale: we’ll take care of the legal requirements after you approve and get paperwork out of the way.
  • Get towing: If your car is inoperable, we’ll cover the towing costs and get the car onto our lot without hassling you.
  • Receive Cash: after we get the car on the lot and confirm the sale details, you’ll get prompt payment by mail, by cheque from the towing driver, or waiting for you at a Pick-n-Pull location.

Give us a shout anytime you’re looking at a junk car you want to rid yourself of!

Pick-n-Pull is the #1 junk car removal service in Calgary. For decades, our extensive inventory of used car parts has made us the most trusted name in the industry. We offer excellent rates for all cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, as well as a reliable pick-up service — we’ll also purchase any vehicle, no matter the condition. Getting rid of your car and making some extra money has never been easier. When it comes to cash for cars in Calgary, there’s no other name than Pick-n-Pull. Contact us for a free quote on your vehicle (800) 260-5865.

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