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If you have a scrap car, you are likely tired of looking at it. Too often we find ourselves leaving a junk car to rust in the backyard as we procrastinate or devote our attention to other projects and activities. This is truly a shame because of the many options available for junk cars in Calgary. 

One of these options is a donation to a charitable organization. This is a good option that will make your heart feel good and may count towards your good karma. However, it is not very cost-effective. Another option is a cash for junk cars in Calgary program. These programs are typically offered by scrap yards and parts providers.

These companies are adept at handling junk cars as they have towing vehicles and personnel trained for this task. Plus, they understand the true value of cash for junk cars in Calgary because of their years of experience in dealing with these trades which means that you will get the best value of your junk vehicle. However, there are still factors that can affect the payout you will receive for your junk vehicle, such as:

Factors Affecting the Cost of Junk Cars

Is it Running?

If your junk car runs, it will fetch a much higher price than if it doesn’t. This is because the scrap company can potentially resell the vehicle as a complete unit, and not just for the parts inside. If your scrap car is not running it may be worth considering repairs, but just remember to temper your expectations based on the estimated cost of your junk vehicle.

There is no point in repairing your vehicle and investing money into it if you will not receive compensation commensurate with the cost you are putting into it.

Is it a Newer Vehicle?

Is your junk car a newer vehicle, produced in the last 10 – 15 years? This can dramatically increase the value of your payment from a cash for junk cars program, but it doesn’t mean that older vehicles cannot fetch a payment from this program.

The Price for a Junk Car

With all of the above factors considered it is reasonable to assume that you will receive payment for your junk car. Typically, junk cars can fetch up to $1,500 but this is the high end of the spectrum. It is more reasonable to assume that a junk vehicle will go for $100-$400 depending on the above factors, and the individual make and model of the vehicle. 

Our Cash for Junk Cars program is recognizable for its simplicity and value. We purchase all vehicle makes and models, regardless of their condition, and pay top dollar to take them off your hands. Our straightforward approach means we collect your car and give you cash, totally hassle-free. If you accept our offer, we’ll confirm proof of ownership before towing it away for free. Get the best cash for junk cars service in Calgary, Edmonton or Kelowna — contact us today!